One Stop Career Services. Serving local business and connecting qualified applicants with meaningful employment.

WORKFORCE BUFFALO is a network of employment and training providers and communitysupport agencies, committed to changing the face of workforce development in our community. Acknowledging the need to offer both employers and job applicants a streamlined method of accessing workforce development services, we have partnered and worked together to develop and implement a new and innovative One-Stop approach to service delivery.  

By visiting the WORKFORCE BUFFALO web site, you have taken the first step in solving the mystery of how to navigate the complex system of workforce development in Buffalo and Erie County with little, or no effort. With a click of your mouse you can now learn about available services and programs through a single web site.  

Complementing this approach has been the creation of our new One-Stop Career Service Centers. These centers, which are conveniently located throughout Erie County, allow you to access employment and training services and our network Partners at a single physical location. The age of visiting multiple locations to receive job placement, or business assistance, has finally come to an end!

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Centers are open to anyone seeking employment opportunities and services are offered at no cost.