Center Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Workforce Buffalo?

    What is Workforce Buffalo?

    Workforce Buffalo is a network of employment and training providers, educational institutions, economic development agencies and community service agencies working together to help every person reach his or her career goals. Whether you are unemployed, under-employed, or recently separated from a job, Workforce Buffalo can help. In addition, our One Stop Career Centers work directly with local employers for the benefit of our clients. Our Centers offer specialized services to assist businesses with their training and human resource needs. All of our services are offered at no cost.

  • What is a "One-Stop" Career Center?

    What is a "One-Stop" Career Center?

    The "Heart" of Workforce Buffalo is our One Stop Career Centers. It is your source for Career These Centers offer a multitude of resources for job seekers and businesses under one roof. The typical One Stop Career Center serves thousands of individuals who are seeking employment, changing jobs, reentering the workforce, or learning new skills. The One Stop Career Centers are an ideal source for workforce solutions for many local employers.

    The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) requires that each service delivery area have at least one comprehensive or full-service One Stop Career Center. A One Stop Career Center is a place where Employers and Job Seekers can access a wide range of training and workforce services. In Erie County, there is one comprehensive "full-service" One Stop Career Centers, and four affiliate locations. Many different education, training, and employment-related services available in the community are also provided by a variety of partner agencies at the One-Stop Center or through referrals.

  • What type of services do you offer job seekers?

    What type of services do you offer job seekers?

    One Stop. Many services. Every job seeker has different needs. That’s why we provide a wide range of services to assist you including:

    • Access to Job Listings and NYS Civil Service Listings
    • Direct referral to Listed NYS Job Opportunities
    • Comprehensive Career Assessment and Exploration
    • Individual Counseling and Career Planning
    • Job Preparation and Social Media Training
    • Computer, Internet, Telephone, Fax and Copier Access
    • Individualized Resume Preparation and Cover Letter Writing Assistance
    • Job Search and Career Resource Library
    • Job Readiness Training
    • Computer Workshops
    • On-site Employer Interviewing
    • Labor Market Information
    • Self-Improvement Job Search Workshops
    • Networking Opportunities and Job Clubs
    • Adult Training and Education
    • Work Stations Designed to Assist Individuals with Disabilities
    • Occupational skills training in demand occupations
  • What type of services do you offer employers?

    What type of services do you offer employers?

    Connecting your business with qualified applicants is our primary goal. Our One Stop Centers offer many in-house services to assist your business including:

    • Employee Recruitment and Screening
    • Use of Center facilities for group interviews
    • On-the-Job Training opportunities based on worker eligibility
    • Rapid response to mass layoffs and plant closings
    • State and/or federally generated Labor Market Information (LMI)
    • Tax Credit assistance
    • Information on and referral to business start-up, retention and expansion services

    In addition to these services, Workforce Buffalo has a Business Services Division that offers an additional layer of comprehensive services designed to meet the needs of Businesses in the Buffalo and Erie County area. Additional information on how your business can access these valuable services can be found under the Business Services section of this web site. All business services are offered at no cost.

  • Does "One-Stop" mean customers may access all services at one location?

    Does "One-Stop" mean customers may access all services at one location?

    At One Stop Career Centers, every effort is made to make it as easy and convenient as possible for Employers and Job Seekers to get the services they need. Many customers will be able to get everything they need from a single location, during a single visit or multiple visits. Other customers may need additional services that may require a linkage with one of our partners, or a referral to one of our other Centers.

  • Do all One-Stop Career Centers offer the same services?

    Do all One-Stop Career Centers offer the same services?

    While One-Stops offer many of the same services, there are differences among One-Stops services based on the needs of Employer and Job Seeker customers in the community. For example, while all One-Stops provide workforce resource areas with a variety of self-service options online or through books, videos, or pamphlets, a One-Stop Center may offer specialized services for Employers, Job Seekers, or youth. You are encouraged to visit the individual web sites of our Career One Stops, to ascertain what specific services are offered at their Center.

  • Do One Stop Career Centers serve persons with disabilities?

    Do One Stop Career Centers serve persons with disabilities?

    Yes. Our One Stop Career Centers have been designed and equipped to ensure that all customers can access the services and programs they need. One Stops comply with accessibility and reasonable accommodation provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Additionally, auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

  • Can I access Workforce Buffalo resources from my computer at home or from my office?

    Can I access Workforce Buffalo resources from my computer at home or from my office?

    Yes, many excellent workforce resources for both Employers and Job Seekers are available online – starting with the wide range of services and links available through this Workforce Buffalo web site. Some customers can get everything they need without ever coming into a One-Stop Career Center. Other customers begin their research and exploration of services at home, and then visit a One-Stop Career Center for staff assistance. Yet other customers prefer to visit their local One-Stop, or do not have ready access to a computer at home or at the office.