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Pathways Programming Opportunities​

We are dedicated to developing skilled candidates with competencies needed in the workplace. Our Career Pathways programming is a series of innovative and flexible training models that bring together industry leaders to identify skill gaps among high-demand occupations in targeted industry sectors. Engaging area employers in the training process ensure comprehensive baseline training that creates a foundation for workforce success. Highlights of our unique local training model includes:

  • Industry led identification of area workforce skill gaps
  • Development of career paths with advancement opportunities  
  • Identification of competencies required for credentials  
  • Curriculum evaluation and planning
  • Career exploration and guidance  
  • Talent recruitment, assessment, and training
  • On the job training experiences
  • Access to careers in high demand occupations

For General Information on Pathways Programming please contact Jessica Corrigan at 716-819-9845 ext. 1440


Pathways Programs for Spring 2022

We have two spring programs scheduled for 2022, one in Technology and one in Advanced Manufacturing. Both programs help job-seeking individuals obtain the skills they need to begin pursuing careers at the entry-level in each of these in-demand industries. Pathways Programs are carefully designed to help candidates succeed in a long-term career in their industry of choice including certifications that are nationally recognized by their sectors.  

For more information reach out to Leslie Ayer:


Check out our informational flyers below:

Advanced Manufacturing Program- To find out more click [HERE] 

IT Jumpstart Program- To find out more click [HERE]